For All of You That Need Help In Believing The Possible:

My name is Alex Hernandez and I attended Property Adjusting Academy’s Licensing and Xactimate programs. I am 24 yrs old and was working a job with no growth potential, I was unhappy because I knew I had the drive to be great at anything but because of my construction work history it was nearly impossible to get my foot into any office job. When I finally did, three years later, I was satisfied for a time but knew that deep down I had more to offer, than to be a document scanner. After spending a year and a half as a scanner of medical documents I realized that all I would ever be was a scanner or customer service agent, which was really like a lateral move, with the most senior CS agents only averaging a dollar or two more than I was. To say the least I felt stuck and disheartened, but just as I was ready to admit defeat my entire career and life changed within a matter of months.

 I don’t have a college degree, and I’ve felt that not having that has always worked against me, but one day I was talking to an adjuster and didn’t even know it. He was telling me about his days out in the field and how rewarding his adjusting career was, the next question I had was……How can I do that? He told me to get a license issued by the state and after that everything would fall into place, he gave me a card with one name and a number and said give him a call. I called, and a man named Lorenzo answered, I told him who I was and who had referred me and listened to him explain the process of how to become an adjuster but I was apprehensive about paying what I thought at the time was a lot for the licensing and Xactimate class. The next class was in Louisiana and I was in Texas, I had only enough money for the classes but not the travel, but Lorenzo offered to help so I took vacation from my scanning job and rode with him down to Baton Rouge and got licensed.

 One week before, I had taken his weekend Xactimate class, and now that I was licensed and I was ready to take on the adjusting world. I had applied to many Independent Adjusting Firms but had no calls back and maintained at my day job working 7-4 scanning paper. Then I heard on the news that there was a possibility of a hurricane hitting the east coast of the U.S., her name was Irene. I received a call not a few days later from an Independent adjusting firm who explained that they had a position for me if I could come in the next day—I left my job of 1.5yrs in one day. Irene had not yet hit and I was sitting in a room with 50 other adjusters as we were briefed on the claims and volume we could expect.

 When we were finally filling out the paperwork to be hired it came as a shock to me that the daily rate at which I was going to work was as much as one weeks pay at my old job. I worked for a month and a half during Irene and had one month off then worked for another two weeks, but the most amazing thing is that I made more money within the accumulative two months of working and one month off than I had in one year solid of being a document scanner. Adjusting is an extremely fulfilling career, not a job, and if you think you are up to giving a career a shot that’s a little outside the box, you can be compensated for what you know your worth and not what the declining economy thinks you are. Thank you for everything Lorenzo, now I have a title that I can be proud of.


                                                                                                -Alex Hernandez

                                                                                                  Property Insurance Adjuster