Your Path to Possibilities – Must read story

         Wow. That’s what I’m thinking as I sit here at work-in a new career as an Adjuster, typing my story in my spare time. Just over 3 months ago, I was struggling; trapped inside of a 15 year career that was coming to a dead end.  I was a successful sought after barber for many years, but the industry slowly started to change, mainly because of so many aspiring shop owners who knew nothing about the business,  were suddenly opening  up their own. Don’t get me wrong, Ownership is a good thing. I get that. However, not everybody’s meant to be a leader or an owner without first learning under the wings of a more experienced one first, though they may have a desire to do so. As a result, people began to make foolish moves like opening up salons and barbershops within a few hundred feet of each other, let alone a 3 mile radius. I must admit: I saw it coming long before it happened. It was bad for business. Soon, Customers would begin sacrificing quality for convenience; the relationship that existed between the client and their trusted barber was coming to a close. I slowly found myself in a situation where I spent years building relationships with people, only to have most of those relationships die simply because a new barbershop opened closer to a client than I was, or because some new guy down the street was cheaper than me. I knew it would happen. In fact, I made a promise to myself that when it did begin to happen, I would get out of the business and cut my losses.  However, I didn’t make that move fast enough. It’s very hard for me to give up. Not to mention the fact that I still had relationships with some of my die hard Customers who still valued my service, consistency, dedication, and friendship; Lorenzo and His Son being 2 of them.

        As the industry became more and more unstable, so did the money. I tried to stick with it and ride out the struggle. As a result, I lost everything. After moving back home to my Mom’s house and waking up one morning to find my car had been repossessed, I filed for Bankruptcy at the age of 29 just to get the car back. I would soon fail that bankruptcy, and have to file again 2 years later, at which point I ended up meeting the Woman who is now my Fiancé’.  Great… Now I have a Woman worth holding on to, and I’m in my second bankruptcy, living at home with my Mom.  I’M SURE SHE’LL STICK AROUND lol. To my surprise, she actually did; even when I failed my second bankruptcy and lost the same car I had been fighting to keep for so long.  I felt like such a failure. She was the only good thing I had going at that time, and it was amazing to me that she was still around.  She proposed to me 4 months into our relationship-at a time when all hell was breaking loose in my life. That, for me, changed everything. Now, I HAD to make a change for US.
        My good friend (and at that time, Client) Lorenzo had been coming to me for about 6 years through all of this. For the next 2 years, he would work to convince me that it was time to step out on faith and try something different, that I might attain a different result. All of the failure I suffered as a result of the poor choices I made would now make me fearful of making the right one. I saw the money. I saw him make it for years. Still, I thought, that’s just his personal experience, and it doesn’t mean it will work for me. The problem was, THIS was no longer working for me either. I remember the day that changed it all for me: Lorenzo previously called me to set an appointment for him and his son to get haircuts. They showed up-on time as usual. Lorenzo sat down in my chair, and as I was cutting his hair, we got into a deep conversation as we often would. “Let me show you something”, he said. He pulls out his phone to show me an email of a job offer for an adjuster to come and work for $4,000 a week for 3 months-no experience necessary. “See, Man? If you had your license, I could’ve turned you on to this.” He said. That, for me, was the “be all-end all”.  I took the class the following month, determined not to miss another opportunity.  I was struggling for nothing, and should’ve made this move a long time ago.
        My Fiancé and Lorenzo supported me throughout the entire transition.  I went through the class, I went down to Hammond and attained my State Farm Certification, and before I could even leave Hammond, I got an offer of deployment. The first day on the new job, I made $455, and I have made that every day for the last 115 days. I’m still learning. I didn’t know any of this when I started. I was just a barber. I have no contracting background, and at first it was a little intimidating because I’m surrounded by them. They all have experience. They know everything there is to know about roofing and construction. I don’t know anything. However, I decided to turn that into a positive, because at the end of the day, we’re all making the same amount of money regardless of experience, and I can use their expertise to my advantage simply by making friends and asking questions when I’m unsure about something. So here I sit: A 15 year barber- turned rookie adjuster that went from failed bankruptcies and major money issues-to IMMEDIATELY making over $9,000 a month and on my way to a debt free life for me and my Fiancé.  My money no longer depends on whether or not someone decides to sit in my barber chair. Now, my money depends solely on me sitting in THIS chair, and every time I touch it: $455. This is my first assignment, and on top of the 3 months I already have, I’m slated to get 3 more months out of it. I have my own company that will grow when I carry out my vision, and I’m getting ready to start a second one.  My Fiancé is no longer stressed and working overtime to help me pay bills. I’ve bought her everything I wanted to get her for her birthday, but couldn’t afford to. And for Christmas, I gave her $3000 cash as a way of saying thank you for everything she’s done to support me.  I dropped the money like it was nothing; without a second thought. 
        This is just a small portion of my story. There’s so much more I wanted to share, but I have claims to close. It’s time for me to “man back in”. You’ll find out what that means-if you take a chance and go for it. All I can tell you is, your Life can completely change from this moment- to 2 months from now. The reality is, that change depends on what you decide to do right now. If I made it here, there’s no reason you can’t. No Experience. No Degree; Just a 3 day license and a certification that took one week to get.. That’s not a bad deal for $9,400 a month. I spent $600 to get here. Think about that.