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Our Course Offerings

Adjuster License Training

3 Day Course - $450

Our 3 day Texas Adjuster Pre-licensing Course (#89372) satisfies all Texas Department of Insurance requirements for obtaining your Texas All-Lines insurance adjuster license.

Xactimate Training 

2 Day Course - $350

Our 2-day informative X1 Training Course (#27037) will give you the insight and education required to become an effective user of X1 and Sketch.

Bootcamp (Hands on Training)

4 Day Course - $425

Our 4-day hands-on Adjuster Training 101 will include customer service, scoping techniques, and mock inspections to help build confidence in the field.

Auto Adjusting Training

3 Day Course - $300



Course Dates


Course Locations

Arlington, TX

Homewood Suites by Hilton
4550 Waxwing Drive
Arlington, TX 76018
Phone: (817) 465-4663


Course Times

Adjuster License Training

Day 1:  9am – 4pm

Day 2:  9am – 4pm

Day 3:  (State Exam): 9am – 4pm

Xactimate Training 

Day 1:  9am – 2pm

Day 2:  9am – 2pm

Bootcamp (Hands on Training)

Day 1:  12pm – 4pm

Day 2:  10am – 4pm

Day 3:  10am – 4pm

Day 4:  9am – 12pm

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Course Combos

Adjuster License Training & Xactimate - $700

Course Combo 1


  1. Adjuster License Training
  2. Xactimate Training

Adjuster License Training, Xactimate Training & Bootcamp (Hands on Training) - $1,100

Course Combo 2

1. Adjuster License Training
2. Xactimate Training
3. Bootcamp (Hands on Training)


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We are so confident in our leading-edge teaching method that we guarantee you will pass the licensing exam or we will allow you to take the course again free of charge. Your success is our success!


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Creative Teaching Methods

Our experienced instructors provide not only the knowledge and first-hand experience in the industry, but incorporate the Creative Teaching Method. This method of clever word association makes any beginner, as well as intermediate, student comfortable with retaining the information and passing the exam with ease.


Multiple Course Locations

Options with multiple course locations in Texas, Georgia, and Online.

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The Insurance Adjuster Now team is committed to making sure you are on your way to learning the way things truly work in the insurance industry. Let our experienced claim professionals and instructors educate you on the aspects of becoming an exceptional adjuster, thus training you to establish a strong reputation in the insurance industry.



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Frequently Asked

Is there a need or demand for adjusters?

Absolutely. There is always a demand for quality adjusters due to weather, accidental or catastrophic events that occur across the country. Whether the demand is for a staff/employee or an independent adjuster, the need for insurance companies to have their claims handled will always be necessary.

What are the requirements to become a licensed claims adjuster?

There are no educational prerequisites required to become an adjuster.  No college degree, no prior experience, no military experience needed.  To acquire a Texas Insurance Adjusters License for the state of Texas, all that is needed is: 1) Complete a certified pre-licensing course, 2) Take a certified approved exam, 3) File a notarized license application along with fingerprints and $50.00 fee to the Texas Department of Insurance.  Additional fees may be associated with notary and fingerprinting services.

Does the price of your Adjuster License Training course include the exam?

Yes it does. The exam will be administered on the 3rd day of our 3-day class. $450.00 covers course material and your exam costs.

Who do insurance adjusters work for?

It depends on which avenue you take in this profession. Independent adjusters typically work for an independent claims adjusting firm.  These firms have ongoing contractual agreements with insurance companies across the country that allow them to contract out independent adjusters to handle claims when needed. Many major insurance companies do not have the staff/employee capability to handle the volume of claims that impact their organization, so they rely on independent firms to supply them with knowledgeable and available independent adjusters year around.  There are numerous independent claims adjusting firms, please do your research when choosing the firm of your choice.

A staff/employee claims adjuster works directly for the insurance company/carrier. Typically this is a salaried position with consistent work year-round.

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